Typing with Accuracy and Speed

Please type your name and your class.  Then type WPM and Accuracy Percent.


For example:


My name is Mrs. O’Neill and I am in class 403.  I typed 54 WPM and was 100% accurate.  This was not easy but I keep practicing.

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Keyboarding Information

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Business Letters

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Class 5-315 Researches Scientist Stephen Hawking

Watch the videos and read the following websites to complete your Stephen Hawking biographical graphic organizer



Try to web quest to see what you found!

Stephen Hawking

Try to find your own information!




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Internet Safety

We started our Internet Safety discussion way in the beginning of the year. We looked at the statistics of how many people are actually on the Internet around the world (http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm) and realized that there are a lot of strangers on the web! We watched the interactive website movie called “The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs” and learned how to stay safe on the internet.

We now know:
1. Never give out our personal information (name, address, phone number, etc)
2. Do not give out our passwords
3. Get permission from your parents before going on the internet
4. Don’t use bad or rude language on the Internet.
5. Don’t be silly. Get up and play outside.
6. Don’t invite internet “friends” to your house or agree to meet them.
7. Stay away from surveys, contests, and advertisements that are just looking for your personal information.

Today we are going to use Pixie to create Internet Safety Posters.  We will take screenshots and add it to the post.



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Why Blog?

BlogLast week we blogged and I ask you now.  Why Blog?  What is important about it?  Why is it important to you?  What should is our Blogging Checklist?  Make sure your answer sounds right, looks right and makes sense.  Wait for my response.  Use the @ key to respond to others.

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Imagine…Creative Writing



Imagine a fish popped its head out of the water and said something. What would you do? Write a story about what happened. Be sure to include details in your story.  Think about what he would say….Maybe it is a she….Maybe there is a problem and you could help find the solution.  This is a silly idea but I want you to use your imagination.  Remember spelling counts.  Re-read before you post.  Ask yourself, “Does it look right? Does it sound right?  Does it make sense?”  If the answers are yes then post.  Afterwards, you can read the others’ posts and make your comments.  Have fun!

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